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Segenting is an old Chinese fishing village about 10km south of Batu Pahat following a narrow and winding road.

It has a 100-year-old temple which is a popular tourist attraction and is particularly famous for its "Dragon Fish" and the "Fish Touching" activities.

"Dragon Fish" is really known as Arapaima, a type of South-American fish usually hunted for food. It is the largest freshwater fish in the world today and it can grow to a maximum length of about 3 meters.

Rumour has it that about 20 years ago, one worshipper saw a 4D number appeared in the Wishing Pool, and won a significant amount of money. This person subsequently donated two "Dragon Fish" to the temple, which have been residing in the pool since.

It is believed that if a person is "chosen" by the fish, it will swim up close and let the person touch it. This lucky person should buy a 4D number from the stall

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